Frequently Asked Questions

Is the paint you use non-toxic? - You'd be surprised how many people ask me that. YES! I only use water based professional face paint that is approved by the FDA for use on children. There is never a 100% guarantee that any product won't cause a reaction. Professional grade face paint is extremely low risk, as are glitter tattoos. I primarily use three brands - Wolfe, Krylon Aquacolor and Cameleon The links to each type of paint are hyper-linked on their name. You can see the ingredients for yourself on the company's websites.
How do I remove face paint? - Face paint can easily be removed with a mild soap and water. A washcloth also helps get most of the paint off without incident. Some parents also use baby wipes, although some children might react to chemicals in the baby wipes. If you know that your child has overly sensitive skin, I'd stick to soap and water. You don't have to use fancy makeup removers or cream based cleansers. Since the face paint I use is water based, it comes off easiest with soap and water.
How do I remove a glitter tattoo? - Glitter tattoos are applied with a strong adhesive. Most glitter tattoos will wear off on their on over time. If you absolutely need to remove them completely, it's best to use rubbing alcohol and friction to scrape the glue and glitter off the skin. In most cases they will fall off on their own with little effort.
How far in advance do you book gigs? - I have some clients who book three months in advance, although I also book gigs at the last minute. The busiest times of year are Sept. - December and March - June. Anytime around Halloween is the most sought after time for face painters. It's always best to try to book your entertainment at least one month before your event.
Do you require a deposit to hold a date? - Yes. I require a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the contract. It is refundable in certain circumstances
I want more than one painter can you supply that? - With enough notice I can hire other painters to work with me.
What are your rates? - I do not have my rates listed on this website for a number of reasons. It's always best to have a conversation with a client before discussing price. The most important things to know are the date of your event, the location of your event and the age and number of children. A party with 50 six-year-olds is going to be priced differently than a party with 10 four-year-olds.
Is Face Painting hygienic, does it spread germs? - The highest risk areas for germs are the eyes, mouth and nose. You can see from my photos that I rarely paint on a child's mouth. When I do, I go to great extremes to avoid spreading germs from child to child. I've designed most of my faces with hygiene in mind. For the vast majority of my designs, I avoid the immediate eye area, mouth and nose. It's simply not worth the risk to your child, to myself or other children. I also spray my entire kit down with rubbing alcohol after every gig, and sanitize my brushes and sponges.
How long have you been painting? - I painted my first child in the Summer of 2002. Because I've been painting so long, I can handle just about any situation. I know when to speed up a line and simplify my designs. I know which requests will be difficult to satisify. I understand how to translate a complicated design to an age appropriate one for a toddler. I've got experience with any crowd situation from huge long unruly lines to small intimate parties. I've worked in high end exclusive clubs, museums, country clubs, performance spaces. living rooms, event spaces, and street faires. I've literally seen it all and can handle just about anything. I've literally worked hundreds of events, many just like yours.
How many kids can you paint per hour? - I can paint most designs in 2-3 minutes. However, for most small intimate parties I will take longer per child. The speed in which I paint depends on many factors. If the job is a bulk type of gig where I need to get through a line quickly, I can speed up all of my designs to meet that need. Painting on arms and hands, also increases the speed in which I can paint. Some painters are quite slow as they insist on making every design a full elaborate face. I've been doing this long enough to know that those designs to not serve every event.
Does the face paint contain gluten? - NO! Face paint is paint, not food. Face paint also lies on top of the skin and is not ingested.
Does the face paint contain peanuts?- NO! Face paint is paint, not food. There are no peanuts or peanut products in the paint.
Is glitter safe for use on the skin? - I use only cosmetic grade polyester glitter. The glitter found in craft stores is often made of metal and should not be used on the skin.
I want to have a small face painting kit for use at home, what should I use? - It's best to use water based professional grade face paint. The brands I would recommend would be Wolfe, Krylon Aquacolor, and Cameleon You can get both Wolfe and Krylon at Halloween Adventure and Abracadabra in New York City. Both stores have all sorts of products that are safe for use on children and easy to remove. Avoid oil-based or cream based makeup. It's difficult to remove, makes a huge mess and is uncomfortable on the skin. The absolute best thing to use on children's skin is WATER BASED FACE PAINT!
Do you offer magicians, clowns, balloon twisters, bouncy castles, popcorn machines, carnival games, and costumed characters? - In some cases I work with other perfomers. I do not supply or provide popcorn machines, bouncy castles, cotton candy machines, carnival games or any other type of amusement. I can sometimes refer a client to another vendor but face painting is my speciality.



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